Jonny Ree's portfolio - Now Available for more Freelance

- 3d studio max 2011
- zBrush 4
- Photoshop CS2
- 3d-Coat
- xNormal

- Ability to work from both description and/or concept art.
- Highpoly sculpts for projection
- Lowpoly modeling for ingame use (including LODs)
- Hand-painted & photo-referenced texturing
- PixelArt

I'm currently looking for contracts so feel free to send me an email at Also available on skype: jonnyhr

Comments from clients:

Aventurine S.A. employed Jonny Ree full-time as an external 2D/3D artist. For more than one year he worked remotely on graphical elements for our computer game project;

Jonny is a talented digital artist, with excellent skills both in 2D art (textures), 3D modeling using 3D Studio Max, and also graphics for special effects (particles). He is a pleasure to work with; always modest, friendly, and highly efficient.

- Henning Ludvigsen
Art Director, Aventurine S.A.
Jonny Ree was incredibly professional throughout the design, modeling, and texturing process. Not only did he deliver a high-quality character, but he also continued to lend support afterwards to ensure there were no smoothing or normal map artifacts during the implementation process. He not only met, but exceeded our expectations. We will definately continue to use Jonny Ree's expert services in character design and creation in the future.

-Matthew DiPrinzio
Project Lead for The Rising